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Tankless Hot Water

Tankless Hot Water Installation, Repair and Maintenance
There are many advantages, both in the short and long term, of opting to go with a Tankless Hot Water system over a conventional storage type water heater. Our qualified Direct Air Heating experts can walk you through a comprehensive evaluation of your water systems, answer any questions and go through the numerous advantages of a tankless water system. Once you have made the decision to go with tankless, we can install and maintain the for you!

Tankless water systems have revolutionized the water heating industry and have change the landscape on how we heat our waters at home and at work. The technological shift that has sprung out of tankless or “on demand” water heaters have made heating water more efficient and lowered costs – they also allow for an endless supply of water, minimized space usage because there is no need for a water storage tank and huge water savings.

At Direct Air Systems, our professional staff can bring all of the benefits of a tankless hot water system to your home. The long-lasting systems we put in place have long life expectancy and have low operating costs. This endless supply of hot water will allow a steady, uninhibited flow of hot water to reach you while you are showering, cleaning the dishes or laundry. Antiquated water tanks that heat and reheat the same water, 24 hours a day, are very inefficient and expensive to operate. With a tankless system, you only get hot water when you need it.

Benefits of a Tankless Water System
If you need a tankless water installation, maintenance or repair, give a call to Direct Air Systems. Here are some of the benefits of tankless water:

  • They last long. They have low operating costs and have easy-to-replace parts.
  • They are environmentally friendly. They reduce consumption and reduce the energy you need to constantly heat your water tank.
  • They save space. With rising real estate costs in Toronto, this is a very important cost consideration and you can easily access your tankless water system without stumbling and falling in your furnace room.
  • You save energy. As a water sits in a tank, it loses heat and has to be constantly re-heated. This means, that your water tank is working 24 hours a day to preserve the heat! A tankless water heater will heat up your water “on demand” and does not hold water.
  • No more cold showers. You will no longer be dreading early mornings because your spouse or children go to the shower before you did and it is now cold. A tankless water system means that you have heated water whenever you need it and it is not limited to the size of your water tank.