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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Maintenance
Like our winters, a hot and humid summer in Ontario can be extreme! When the summers become humid, sticky and hot, the cool indoors become the ideal place of refuge. The reason we love the indoors on a hot summer day? The air conditioning. Air conditionings provide great relief and allow us to stay cool throughout the day and sleep comfortably at night.

At Direct Air Systems, we are personally invested in your comfort as you are and take great pride in creating the perfect indoor environment for you. Our talented staff are highly trained and are actively retooling their skills to provide you with a tailor-made and extensive understanding of the movement and conditioning of air. We then use this knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your lifestyle. We have the right team to advise, install and maintain the integrity and reliability of your air conditioning systems.

Highest Level of Service, Satisfaction and Warranties/Guarantees
With state-of-the-art air conditioners, our impressive product lines are designed to save energy in hot and dry climates with the latest generation of air conditioning systems that deliver remarkable efficiency, proven reliability and industry-best warranties. With efficient air conditioning models that reduce your utility bills and create a smaller environmental footprint, our systems improve temperature and humidity control.

We always strive to improve your day-to-day experiences with our products and ensure that it adds comfort into your life. This is why prioritize the comfort technologies, such as sound reduction, finetune blower and system pressure monitoring. We use premium brands and ensure that we use innovative and new generation technologies to give you the right air conditioning solutions.

Direct Air Heating and Cooling LTD. is an authorized distributor of a wide range of air conditioning.

We are proud to offer you some of the most advanced equipment in home comfort. Don’t risk the indoor comfort of your home. With a full line of quality products and experienced sales staff, Direct Air Heating and Cooling LTD is ready to access your specific needs and advise an efficient, cost effective plan to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient for years.